Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, BEANS!!

This morning I walked to the pool in the rain, swam six laps, showered, dressed, said "bye" to the receptionist and headed out the door when, once again, I felt my heart doing flip/flops.  It has happened before, in fact it did it once last September when I was hiking up to Big McGee Lake and several times since but this one went on and on.  I sat down and put my head down between my knees, dizzy and hot faced.  The event finally tapered off but this one scared me.  I decided I should go to the emergency at the hospital but I didn't want to call 911 and make a big deal out of it.  My new friend Wayne walked in the door.  I asked him if he would drive me to the hospital.  "Sure."

And so....

Here I am, imagine my surprise!  Hooked up to various equipment and getting a couple of EKGs.

No heart damage was discovered.
After seven hours of laying around waiting for results from blood tests and EKGs I was free to walk home.  A great bunch of caring folks at our Mendocino Coast Hospital.

Of course I am embarrassed to mention this because I have been blogging about getting out and walking, hiking, backpacking and swimming and this feels like eating my words.  But no, damn it!  This is also part of life.  I will be fitted with a portable heart monitor next Monday and wear it for a while to hopefully capture an "event".  I hope it is water proof!!
  Onward, peeps, Onward!!



  1. Hi Ron, really sorry to hear about your health scare but relieved to know that you're back on your feet....take care of yourself!

  2. Odd coincidence. We're about the same age, live in coastal California towns, began walking for about the same reasons, and now the heart thing. I'm hoping it's just what I had, something ominously titled Premature Ventricular Contraction. More disconcerting than anything else. Mine most likely due to excess caffeine. But whatever the cause, good luck.

    I've come to really like your blog and look forward to each entry. Good health to you.

  3. Holy guacamole! I'm glad that we still have a local hospital and hope that all "events" in your life are delightful...just like your blog.

  4. Oh bummer, but glad you headed straight for the hospital, Ron. Even Superman needs a tune-up once in a while. No doubt you'll soon be back to all that walking, hiking, backpacking, and swimming. I know there are lots of us faithful readers sending good thoughts your way.

    Very, very best.

  5. And how many of those stickers did you keep finding after you got home?

  6. Wow! Good thing they did a complete investigation, and continue to do so. I need to build up my own fitness, so I can go on a (gentle) photo safari with you this year. I can out feeble you any day of the week!

  7. Wowza Ron!

    Have just caught up with this. I have just read (above) about your heart monitor so, take it steady & listen to Ryan - Caffeine plays havoc with my heart rhythms too - and most of all, keep walking and enjoying life.

    I love dropping in on your blog.

  8. Thanks kids for the well wishes.

    I think it is "Premature Ventricle Contractions" (Google it) but will find out for sure after I wear the heart monitor next Monday, January 18th.

    I did find three stickers the next morning GrannyJ. How did you know!!

    I have already given up smoking, ten years ago, all alcohol last year, coffee a couple years ago and sex (prostate cancer too care of that that!) All I have left to give up is swearing and I say "Hell NO!! Ya gotta draw the line somewhere!

    All the above written with a grin.


  9. Jeeze! I'm away from my computer for a few days and look what happens. (great photo op for your blog though)

    You look happy and very healthy! Let's keep it that way.