Friday, May 14, 2010

Grandpa bought a Speedo!!

I don't know if you have noticed but swimming has affected!  I'm walking and gawking less and swimming more and more.  There's not much to gawk at with my head in the water but... I'm loving it.

This all started last December when, after a couple of laps, I would go home and have some ibprofen and lay down!  But gradually I increased my laps to ten and then fifteen.  JB, the lifeguard, suggested I stop thrashing and start doing a "glide-rest" between strokes and that made a huge difference.  Swimming became fun.  Soon I was up to twenty and then twenty five laps.
A little over a month ago I finally reached my objective, an objective I didn't really believe possible, one mile.  Thirty-six laps!  Seventy-two lengths!!

It was my brother that really helped solve the mile problem.  I kept losing count of how many laps I had swam.  For my birthday he sent me a SportCount.  A little counter I now wear on my index finger and click with my thumb at the end of each lap!!  Cool!

Of course, the next step was time.  How long was it taking me to swim a mile.  My watch has a stopwatch feature and I discovered it was taking me fifty-five minutes to swim a mile.

  Now, each weekday morning, I swim my mile and each session I have been timing it and working on stroke and efficiency.  My best time, so far, is 48 minutes 42 seconds.  This morning one of swimmers mentioned that the swim trunks I wear cause quite a bit of drag.  Hmmmm.

That was it!  It was time to finally step up!!  Time for function over fashion!  I went to the Surf Shop and bought my first pair of "Speedo's" in twenty-eight years!!  Actually they are not Speedo, they are Lycra
"TYR Performance Racers"!!

Woo Hoo!!


  1. Wow! The new, improved, streamlined, aquadynamic Ron. Well done.

  2. Looking fab there in the speedos AKA budgie smugglers.