Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peaceful Pool

This morning, after my eight laps ( EIGHT LAPS!!  Four Hundred yards!! Count them!!!  Yeah!!) I walked from the lap pool over to the other pool and checked it out.  This is where the kids play I'm told and also where water exercise and water therapy classes take place.  I'm an early morning guy and all is quiet at this end when I'm here.  It's not always that way!!

This is looking out the windows west down Maple Street straight towards Soldier's Bay.
Note the daylight at 7:15 AM!!  The days are getting longer.  :-)

You may remember this photo I took during the coast walk on the mill site property.  This is from Soldier's Bay looking up Maple Street at the pool!!  Those windows you see across the bottom of the pool, by the white car, are the windows in the previous photo!

I joined this pool in the middle of December.  I started swimming two laps each day that first week and progressed to three the next week.  Four the next and so on up to eight this week.  I'm feeling really good about getting back into swimming.
As for my PVC.s and that Holter Monitor business, I have yet to learn the results, maybe today.  I have not had any more "events".  Knock wood.

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