Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day walk.

"Red in the morning. Sailor's warning."
I decided to walk, for the first time, to Ten Mile River where the old "Union Lumber Haul Road" turns inland. With the spectacular weather we have been experiencing I figured I would camp overnight at the north end and walk back during "Black Friday". Perfect!
And then, via my "earbuds", I heard the local forecast; "Rain by evening, one hundred percent chance of rain Friday." Bummer!

I spotted a few early morning walkers out and about.

Just short of MacKerricher Beach I had my morning tea and oatmeal, "Bubble Butt" performing the honors.

MacKerricher visitors taking in the view.

The fog rolled in and out throughout the day.

The only sign I noticed marking this section as part of the California Coastal Trail.

Beach Art.

Seldom seen Sandhill Lake.

A long section of the Haul Road has washed away over the years.

Here and there are middens left by the Pomo from their annual shell fish harvest.

Fence remains from attempts to ranch this vast dune area.

Sections of the Hall Road covered by dunes.

Ten Mile River. My goal.

I decided to return home rather than camp overnight. Impending rain and the thought of putting my wet and sandy tent back into my backpack finally did it, that and the thought of thirteen hours of darkness this time of year!

Late afternoon sunlight.

Yippee! The Pudding Creek Trestle. Almost home.

It turned out to be eighteen miles round trip, not twenty and I found out why. Ten Mile River is ten miles north of the Noyo River, not Fort Bragg!!
Learn somethin' every day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving you-all

Except you, Tom.

Walkin' the Haul Road

6:41 AM. The Pudding Creek Trestle Bridge. Looking back at my attempt to "walk a plank"!!

A very faint "Marine Layer" in the air.

Virgin Creek.

Virgin Creek Bridge, the Haul road and sign of previous walkers.

Earth's shadow being overtaken by dawn while the sea rolls on and on.

Fishing boat off the coast.

Stranded Kelp.

7:36 AM. Recrossing the Pudding Creek Trestle. Morning hikers and bikers have increased.

Early sign of another wee addition to the California Coastal Trail. This section will be along the west side of Glass Beach Drive and will connect the Pudding Creek Trestle/Haul Road to a future trail along the western edge of the former Georgia Pacific Mill property!!
I can't wait!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! Here we go again!

Oh Boy! Purity Market had new doors installed! No more of that backward, going in the left and out the right, confusion. This time you enter, and exit, right through the middle!!

Oh Boy! The trees planted along Franklin Street are really starting to take off!

Oh Boy! The repair of the potholes on Pine street is underway!

Good Job!

Oh Boy! Another blog I have to add to the "links I like" section!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny Business

This was one of those mornings when "bed gravity" was especially strong. My 5:55AM alarm beeps. With dim awakeness I look out the window and see stars, cold and clear. My bed is so nice and warm. The sun won't be up for another hour. My mental argument begins, "This, morning exercise thing, sucks". Yeah, right! I get up, get dressed and head into the dark with nothing in mind except, "Just do it".

Soon things of interest appear. Photo opportunities not normally seen.

Other early morning walkers out and about!!

I spot interesting shapes and juxtapositions.
Sunlight touches the new restroom facility at Bainbridge Park.

New plaques around town like the ones I spotted in Seattle.

I feel good.... a well worth it walk (as always) once I got myself loose from that darn Bed Gravity!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Hump Day" observations.

This house was recently repainted and I have often thought about taking it's picture. This morning, with the porch light on, it was time!

Two trees, right? Nope. Only one!! You can see the connecting branch between the "tree tops" in the middle. Could be an "Oddity"!

Right up these stairs my tattoo awaits!!

Hey! A pretty good trick! Right up there with tossing tennis shoes over phone lines but requires climbing strength!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

I did it!

I got "Mr. Routine" to deviate from his rut! Here we are walking across the Pudding Creek Trestle Bridge!!! He did find a penny so it wasn't a total waste of his time!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

No, Sis, I didn't get a tattoo.

Onward. Here I am walking with "Mr. Routine Guy". I mentioned him a couple blogs back. I think I have him interested in walking to, and over, the Pudding Creek Trestle next Monday!
We'll see.

It was clear and cold this morning. The frost on this purple PT Cruiser with the purple flowers in the background was a nice "find". The frost will dissipate in an hour. I wonder how long the flowers will last.

Something I been meaning to tell you.... Last year when I hiked up the switchbacks of McGee Pass I was sweating hard and slowed down to where I was breathing in and blowing out on every step, wondering if I could make. Pete and Dave stopped and suggested I look for heart shaped rocks for my Lolli, "It will help take your mind off your troubles."

This year I was struggling up McGee Pass and when the going got tough I remembered Pete and Dave's words. So......

The top rock was found hiking up the back side of McGee Pass.

The middle rock I found on my way up Telescope Peak.

The bottom rock I found while walking the beach of Elger Bay.

Looking for heart shaped rocks for my Lolli. Good idea!