Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ready for the HMA Overlay

But first, I think they are going to let us drive on it a while to compact it some more. Note the lack of "No Parking" signs!!

By the way, did you notice the full moon setting the other morning and the crisp morning air? It was 42 degrees at 5:55AM!

And, it is getting darker each morning. The sun cleared the coastal hills around 6:25AM. Fall is on its way!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Today's the Day

6:30 AM and getting ready.

10:00AM and things are rolling. A layer of "concrete mix"? is laid down.

Then it is mulched into the roadbed ten inches deep with oil and water added?

meanwhile, the locals try to get on with daily life.


I really have no idea what the process is or what materials are being used but it sure is interesting!


Okay, I Googled the process and found some explanation. This AC Foam process is a way to recycle the original asphalt and use it again.

Here is the equipment working on a highway. It is called a "train".

"Recycling began in the westbound lane. The pavement was recycled together with foamed oil and cement. The pads foot roller would then make an initial pass to compact the uncompacted material between the wheels of the recycler and back drag to level out the material. The pad foot would then continue until the roller walked itself out of the material, approximately three coverages. Next, the grader would cut the material to rough profile and cross slope but leave it about 1” high. The steel drum roller would then make three coverages with the vibratory on. The grader would come back in and cut the material to desired profile by hanging the blade on the centerline of existing and setting the blade to the desired cross slope. One final coverage with the steel drum roller, with the vibratory off, to iron the finish.

A water truck would then give a heavy spray of water as the pneumatic tired roller worked the water in to the recycled material, approximately three coverages. This would bring some fine material to the surface to give a smooth finish. A final sweeping and the compacted, recycled material was ready for traffic.

The recycled material needed to cure for a minimum of two days before placing the HMA overlay. The 45-mm HMA overlay of the westbound lane began at PM 20.0 when the recycling of the westbound lane at PM 10.3 was completed. The train then began recycling the eastbound lane at PM 10.3, heading eastbound. When the eastbound recycling was complete at PM 20.0, the HMA overlay of the eastbound lanes began at PM 10.3.

Sweeping to remove any loose material was required prior to releasing traffic on the recycled material. Each recycled segment was lightly watered three to four times a day for at least two days. After the first night of traffic running on the recycled material, it was determined that sweeping the day after a segment was recycled would also be required. This resulted in no windshield breakage claims.


Taken from this large PDF file.

Friday, July 27, 2007


High hopes at the Fort Bragg Middle School. Summer to me always meant sunshine but it is 55 degrees with the marine layer firmly in place! Inland the temperatures will probably reach 100 degrees, again.
I got to noticing the bike lane symbols around town and the various stages of repainting they are in.

Above, the simple arrow.

Then, the rest of the message.

Next, for some reason, black out "LANE".

Finally, repaint "LANE" and "BIKE".

I think it is one of those, "Summer jobs".

Oops! Now what?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Matilija Poppy

I spotted these along Stewart Street this morning. Wikipedia says they grow only in Southern California and Mexico.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy. Busy!

Talk about Monster Machines! This little beauty is eating Franklin Street! It is basically a big Roto-Tiller and can munch its way through black-top all the way down to the underlying dirt at walking speed! Yesterday it completely mulched the full width of North Franklin Street from Oak Street to Laurel Street. Three city blocks, all in one day!

Then the debris is loaded and hauled away.

The end result. The new curbs and sidewalks are done.

Final grading for the new blacktop is in the future. Two weeks?

Our refurbished library is open and looking great!!

The new swim center is coming along nicely.

Inside, they are holding classes for culverts. NOT !

Actually the pool has not been dug yet. These "culverts" will probably be part of the ventilation system.

Jens of “Walking Berkeley” mentioned a website called “Walk Score”. You can enter your address and the name of your town and receive a “Walk Score” as to how friendly your town is for walking. I did the numbers for Fort Bragg and received, on a scale of 0-100, a 95!! Your results may vary depending on where you live in relation to town.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back on the Beat

Okay. Okay! Today is my “official” beginning of hitting the streets, post vacation. I tell you, vacation is rough. I didn’t walk much but I sure did eat. I gained five pounds!

But, that was then. This is now.


I decided this morning to see what’s happening with the “Put In” Creek trestle. I heard work had resumed. Along the way I spotted the above bumper sticker which, to my mind, sort of sums up the national mood.

As you can see, the Marine Layer is in and the trestle, barely in view. Summertime on the Pacific coast usually involves fog. July and August for sure. Sometimes even into September. A lot of people in the central valley like to come here to get out of their 100 plus temperatures.

At the north end of the trestle I discovered some equipment in place but I can’t see that much has happened since I left six weeks ago. I understand September is the new completion date.

On the way home I noticed the Episcopalians have had a change of heart. Good. I didn’t like the anti skateboard message they had stenciled on their sidewalk and I don’t even skate!

Some folks have asked what that baby bird was on my previous blog. It is a House Finch and, as you can see, it is one of FIVE! The nest was at my mother-in-law’s house in north Seattle.

Now, back to Harry Potter.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Bad

38 days since my last blog. I went on vacation and my blog went to hell.

Strange how that works sometimes. Sorry.

But now I’m back. My resolve has returned. Vacation is over.

Time to get back to the streets of Fort Bragg. See what’s going on.