Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walking Ukiah

New Year's Day  I rode over to Ukiah with Dan Gjerde to join the Ukiah Valley Trail Group for their Annual New Years Day Walk.  It was raining so hard I was sure there wouldn't be anybody at the Low Gap Park parking lot.  WRONG!  About twenty folks on the verge of heading out!

I was able to give my Tyvek Coveralls a good rain test.  They kept me dry but embarrassed as one hiker thought I was an exterminator!

The high point of the hike.

The youngest member of the group.

I'm a walker and gawker.  This group seemed to be mostly walkers and talkers.  Therefore I was always falling behind while photographing something....

and playing catch up but what a pretty hike.  We did hike the new section they built this year and covered a total of about seven miles.

Post hike talking and munching.  Chia, cookies and Quiche!!  These folks know how to live!
Check out their Facebook

Meanwhile.  I'm one day late starting my new year's "daily haiku" resolution......


  1. Yes, it was a fun hike, Ron, and a good group.

  2. I love plant photos. In November I went on a mushroom walk in the Mendocino National Forest. Third from the top are called Slippery Jacks -- I don't know the name of the mushrooms on the tree -- but that is a lovely photo!

    You have inspired me to walk and create my own blog--all of this is new to me (except the walking)-- I'd like your feedback on blog do's and don'ts.

  3. Walking with other people is terrific, but they just don't understand the compunction to stop and photograph everything!

    Ron - you've inspired another blogger - way to go!

  4. Yes, Ron ... I have the same problem. Group hikes keep a steady pace. I end up getting blurry mediocre photos when I really want to explore.
    Congrats on finding a hiking group!