Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walking the A & W haul road.

Today the Mendocino Coast Land Lopers weekly hike was out the A & W haul road.
It starts across from the Fort Bragg Police station on Cypress Street and, as you see on the map, ambles east towards Jackson State Forest.
Rumor has it that there was an A & W root beer stand near by that the haul road was named after.
I'm sure one of the old timers can correct me if I am wrong.

Heading east into the rising sun of a beautiful day.

Checking out the ducks from the bridge crossing the Noyo River.

This is as far east as we went.  A one hour walk out to a scenic overlook of the Noyo River Valley.

Lily Pads on one of the ponds along the way.

Mild up and down.

Some "woods worker" had demonstrated his prowness with a chainsaw by cutting a square hole through the heart of a redwood tree!  We stopped to admire his handywork and ponder the human contition.

The Noyo was a milky light blue this morning.

An easy walk on the haul road.  Shadows during our return west.

A quick stop for a "silly shot" and that was it.  A good time had by all!


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