Monday, January 16, 2012

Got a break from Granny Duty

Lolli and I walked the beach of Elger Bay.

 In the evening the unexpected sunset just got better and better!
Note:  I am currently living in Washington State helping my wife with her 96 year old mother.  We are hoping to keep Margaret comfortable and at home during her "end of life" process.  Hospice is helping.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Interurban Trail to Everett, WA

Had a nice but cool bike ride to Everett from Shoreline on the Interurban trail.

23 miles one way.

Then a $1.75 ride return ride on the Swift Transit bus.

Walk on bike racks!!

How cool is that!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Faster than a bicycle!

I had a treat today.  My son Jeff flew up to Paine Field, Everett, Washington to pick me up in his RV7-A; the plane he build and I helped paint.

Here's Jeff arriving and swinging around to park.

What to do?  Would we like to fly around the Olympic Peninsula or would we rather fly to Eastern Washington?  We decide on Eastern Washington.  Jeff picks an airport near Ephrata, Washington and generates a flight plan. 

Up and into the air, Seattle in the foreground, the Olympics in the distance.

 Mount Rainier with, I believe, Mount Saint Helen in the distance.

28 degrees F at 9,000 feet.  Cool!
We are nice and toasty with cabin heat!

East of Snoqualmie Pass hundreds of windmills begin to appear.

 The Columbia River.

Eastern Washington.

Ephrata Airport.

Setting up for landing.

Too far to walk to town and the airport "courtesy car" has already been taken so we enjoy lunch at the flight center.  Microwaved Top Ramin, juice drinks and chips!  Yummy!

Tummies full, bladders empty, we mount up and take to the skies for home.

The Cascade Mountains are really something.

Mount Rainier comes back into view.

Letting down for the west side.

Snoqualmie Falls.

Bellevue in the foreground, Seattle beyond.

Boeing Airplanes at the Everett Factory waiting for finishing.

Jeff drops me off and heads for his home field near Puyallup.  
A three hundred mile round trip in an afternoon.  Amazing!
The sign says it all, "Thank You, Jeff!"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Interurban North.

I had some time this afternoon to give the Interurban Trail north of Shoreline a try.

There was some riding along side streets where development removed portions of the old Interurban right of way..., 

but soon the route was back on "track".

One highway overpass was high enough above the surrounding city to be able to see the Olympic Range to the west and by turning towards the southwest from the same spot...,

there was Mt. Rainier!  (Some telephoto involved)

At ten miles I had just crossed over Interstate 5 in Alderwood and decided to head back but this was my turn around point, the start of a 15 mile section of Interurban that continues all the way to Everett.

Click the photo to embiggen.

On the way back to Shoreline I enjoyed these unusual clouds.
All in all a nice 20 mile, round trip, ride.  (click for map of route)

I'm thinking I would like to ride from Shoreline to Everett next time and take the Swift Bus back.  That could be an interesting adventure.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shoreline YMCA

Lucky me!  The new (only three years old) Shoreline YMCA is a 1.9 mile bike ride away!
I pedaled over and did 36 laps. 1/2 mile.

They have a hot tub next to the lap pool with jets!!

Completed my laps and let the jets pound my shoulders!!  Wow!!  
How come the V. Starr center doesn't have a hot tub!!  :-)


a room full of Exercycles and...

A basket ball court!

Not to mention class rooms and meditation room.

What a nice facility!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shoreline Interurban Trail

I rode the blue lines to get to the red (Shoreline Interurban Trail) section.

Then beat feet for the barn due to arriving rain.
End result, damp but invigorated!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Day One.

What a beautiful, dry, first day of 2012.

I wasn't the only one out there enjoying the afternoon.

I started at Lake Forest Park and almost made it to Redmond before turning around and heading back.
Just over 21 miles round trip.  Just under 2 hours.  Perfect!