Friday, May 31, 2013

Back to Walking and Gawking

My morning walking buddy, The Wolf, has gone fishing so I thought, why not grab my camera, wander around town, photo some stuff and post it like I use to.


The wee waining moon and Jenny's Giant Burger.
Nice sign!

Pudding Creek Trestle Bridge and another morning walker.

Remember my pot hole series?  Here's an update!

I also had quite a series on the "Shopping Carts of Fort Bragg".

I see the "Lost Coast Culture Machine" is up to something cool and interesting.

And, here's a couple chimneys for my Chimney's of Fort Bragg series.  My brother has started a walking blog of his town called "CoupeVille Impressions" and he recently documented some of the chimneys around his quaint town on Whidbey Island.

I also recently discovered "It Happened at Purity".  Another fun and interesting blog.

Yep, it is time for me to get back to Walking and Gawking.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

It never seems to fail.  Rain during Memorial Day Weekend!!
I dumped one inch out of my rain gauge this morning.

Friday, May 24, 2013


There has been a lot going on since I posted about the Konocti Challenge bike ride and it is going to take a while to "Ketchup"!.

One new thing..., the SOB's have come into being.
(Seniors On Bikes)  (Short Of Breath) (Silly Old Boys) whatever....

It pretty much started out when I noticed some other "old" bicyclist were riding about the same time of day I was.  First Bob and then Jim.  We decided to meet each morning at the Skunk Train parking lot at 10:00 for a ride out the haul road and back.

Soon we realized we needed to replace lost calories and caffine so added to the end of our ride a visit to the Cookie Company (Zappas) for coffee and a cookie.

Over time we have attracted other retired guys to our group and we now number a dozen!!

Not everyone can make the ride so it is hit and miss, sometimes we are just one or two; the most at once was 9, what we call a Critical Mob!!

Once a week, usually on Friday, we do an extended ride.

This photo taken during our "Twenty Miles on the Ten Mile" haul road ride from several weeks ago.  We have also ridden to Mendocino, Little River, Little Valley, Glen Blair, and the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

Today we are going to do a 16 mile loop out Sherwood and back on the A&W.

Having some guys to ride with really encourages better attendance and I am riding almost every day thanks to them.

There is more to say and show but for now, it is coming up on 10:00 and it is time to roll!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

trying to find out what happened to

this is only a test........


Three days later my IT buddy and friend Norma finally figured it out and WalkingFortBragg is back on-line.

All my followers got lost in the transition and I hope they find me again, over time but, anyway...,

There is a lot to "ketchup"!!