Friday, August 31, 2007

Mood Lamps

Now that all the new lamps are installed along Franklin Street I got up this morning wanting to capture some good photos of them. What a surprise when I went out the door and discovered the Marine Layer had returned. Oh well, onward.

This is looking north on Franklin from Oak Street.

And this is looking south from Pine.

If you look close you can see a person walking towards me in this photo. It turned out to be one of the morning walkers I have been wanting to meet. She zipped past me as I was folding up my tripod and I had to run to catch up with her. I asked if I could walk with her a ways, she removed her headphones and said "Sure". And now I am somewhat familiar with the fifth walker I have noticed during my "time slot" betwixt 6 and 7 AM.

She walks three miles every day except weekends. She was born and raised in Fort Bragg, moved away for 40 years and returned in 1990. She says she doesn't feel right if she doesn't walk.

The other morning walkers I have met are Vern with the cane, Luna with the Poodle, Dan the grump and the Wolf Man. I have no idea what they call me!

By the way, I saw how they make that wood looking pattern in the new sidewalk corners on Franklin. They have a flexible strip of plastic or nylon that has a wood pattern on one side. When the concrete is the right consistency they lay the strip in place and....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holy Moly

What a morning. I overslept by fifteen minutes, gravity was exceptionally strong and I had a hard time deciding to get up and go. But, like always, I am glad I did; the most glorious morning was arriving and it ultimately contained all the elements I most enjoy on a morning walk.

Interesting clouds.

A moon and a Raven.

A shopping cart.

Some shoes.

All the Franklin Street lamps in place.

And the crosswalks getting their brick red finish.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Playing with the Moon


On my way home I startled this young deer.


The following is my first attempt at using Blogger Video upload. If I knew it was gonna work I would have straightened the tripod better!!

It seems you have to hit the start arrow twice to get it to work.
Party boats heading out of Noyo Harbor.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Eclipse

The last of the sun shining on the moon before slipping totally into the shadow of earth.
2:54 AM.

Totality over the Guest House Museum.

This eclipse coming to an end as sunlight returns to the moon at 4:28 AM.

Meanwhile, the crosswalks are being stamped for a cobble stone look. The asphalt is heated and then a pattern made of cable is laid in place. A vibrating compactor is moved back and forth over the cable pressing the pattern into the asphalt.

Individual spots are touched up with a torch and a chisel.

The crosswalks will be stained brick red.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Photogenic Morning

I stopped by my "spot" up Maple Street to catch the first rays of sunshine on the mill site. It was 6:50 AM. I can't see that much has changed since....

8:15 AM, August 10th, when I took this one.

Then I started noticing things that peaked my interest photographically.

Like drying laundry outdoors. It seems to be a dying art. Yet, a few folks persist.

And a few more shopping carts.

to add to my photographic collection.

All in all an interesting, entertaining walk.


I discovered there is another ocean rower heading across the pacific.

Erden Eruc

Friday, August 24, 2007

Something Like This

Not all the lamp posts are installed but Franklin Street now looks something like this.

Ah! Another one for my collection. Click "Slideshow".


By the way, Roz was airlifted off her boat.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Passing Fort Bragg

An update: Roz is about 98 nautical miles west of Fort Bragg. She has capsized twice in the 40 knot winds, 18 foot high seas but continues towards Hawaii.

Go Roz! (Her blog.)

Okay Okay! So I Asked!

I noticed a PG&E crew installing more lamp posts and swapping lamp housings on the ones that were four sided. I talked to one of the guys and he said, "Yup, this is it."

Turns out the poles are not "cheesy", "they are cast aluminum!! They will probably be grouted around the base for a more finished look".

It was quite interesting watching the process.

The bulb is a sodium vapor lamp. Because of its shape I think it is a High pressure sodium (HPS) lamp, according to this Wikipedia link.

The globe or housing has a reflector built inside the top that directs the light downward and reduces light pollution. I will blog a night photo once they are all installed.

Old Friends

How nice.

I'm having second thoughts about the new street lights. It was my understanding that the above type of street light was temporary.

Monday I noticed lamp posts with this kind of light on top, like the ones at the intersection of Franklin and Laurel. Today I noticed there is a mix of both kinds of lamp tops along Franklin Street but they are all mounted on the same sort of cheesy lamp post. Me thinks that maybe the real deal will still come along and they will look more like....


I guess I could ask someone but that would take all the mystery out of it!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Morning Marine Layer

The new lights have been installed at the corner of Franklin and Laurel. They are not as fancy as the ones on Main and Laurel but they look nice.

Oh goodie! Another shopping cart, this one taking part in a patriotic tableau.
I don't know if you have been following Roz Savage's adventure. She is trying to row across the Pacific but so far, isn't doing too well. She left Crescent City over a week ago, got off to a great start but then a weather system passed through Northern California and she wound up being blown back towards the Arcata/Eureka area dragging her sea anchor! The weatherman is promising more favorable winds this week.
Good luck, Roz!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Keeping my EYE on Things

Heh heh.

A soft, foggy, morning. These sunflowers have reached their prime.

I got to noticing the small “free hand” lay-out marks indicating where the "Bott Dots, signage and stripes should go. I thought I ought to “document” them before they are gone. Note the small “free hand” R R and the wee dots for the Bott Dots.

Freehand “Bike”

"CL" meaning Center Line

This one is interesting. There is a hand sprayed line and a faint chalk “snap cord” line indicating where this stripe should go but I guess wiser heads prevailed.

My morning walk wouldn’t be complete with out a Shopping Cart

or two!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dark O Thirty

A start time of 5:30 AM!! Preparing the location of the cross-street gutters.

6:30 AM and doing the pour, trying to get it finished before the stores open. Hustle! Hustle!

Metal plates will bridge the fresh cement so traffic can resume.