Thursday, January 7, 2010

New stuff!

I did join the MCLandLopers yesterday for a six mile hike in the Jackson State Forest.

Our route was tricky business because there are miles and miles of interconnecting logging roads.  It is really important to plan the route beforehand and keep track of where you are while hiking.

This is the time of year for mushrooms.

Mild temperatures and it didn't start sprinkling until we returned to Fort Bragg.  A nice bunch of folks who not only walk and talk but even stop to gawk!!.  "We" meet each Wednesday morning for a new adventure planned and guided by the founder of MCLandLopers, Nancy.

Here's a link to the winner and honorable mentions for the recent Fort Bragg Video Contest.
Be sure and check out this one.  I am so loving this new addition to Fort Bragg.

Because I won honorable mention in the contest I won a gift certificate to Cirino's Sandwich Shop.
I have never visited this shop but with gift certificate in hand I entered and took a look at the possibilities.  What caught my eye was "Eggs Benedict Sandwich"!!
Ya got to be kidding.  Right?
Wrong.  Excellent!!

I have been blogging about Fort Bragg since October of 2006.
Jeez!  I'm a slow "discoverer".


  1. Lucky you to have good hiking and company. I'm jealous.

    Chester should have had a share of that Benedict sandwich!