Thursday, January 14, 2010

Onward some more!

It is so surprising; the connections via the web!  I was in the Fort Bragg Bakery yesterday buying a loaf of bread and a guy I didn't know asked me how I was doing.  He had discovered my blog recently and recognized me from my blogged visit to the hosiptal!  GrannyJ in Prescott, Arizona asked me how many stickers I found on my body the day after.  Three!!  She knows exactly what EKGs are like!  Several fellow bloggers in  Europe made supportive comments.  My sister e-mailed me about her experiences with PVCs (Premature Ventricular Contractions).  Many other "peeps" sent concerns and support.  Thanks one and all.  I get my monitor next Monday and hopefully it will turn out to be just PVCs. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile.  Wednesday the MCLandLopers went for another hike.

This time there was ten of us!  The biggest group yet!!

There was quite a bit of down at the beginning.
Which translates into a lot of up at the ending!!

Although the trailhead is rather hard to find the actual trail had a lot of signage.

One member had a trail guide book with a lot of in-depth information.
We would stop for a "reading" now and then!

Lots of mushroom photo opportunities.

The sun started sending beams through the trees, a beautiful day coming on.


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