Friday, January 15, 2010

Oddities Tour and bird

Nancy, organizer of the MCLandLopers, has been asking members of the group if any of us had a walk we would like to do.  My Fort Bragg Oddities walk came to mind.  The brochure was published as a self guided walk but hey, I could lead one.  Thing is, I'd never tried to string all the Oddities into one walk.  So, playing around with G-map Pedometer and physically checking out a few things I came up with the shortest walk that would visit all the Oddities.  Just a tad over 6 miles (map).  We could walk and gawk it in about three hours which would be perfect since this group seems to be geared for six or seven mile hikes.

Anyway, while I was walking north on Harrison Street to see if there was a "social trail" short cut from Rose Cemetery to Perkins Street I happened to notice a hawk in someone's yard!

See him?
I figured by the time I got my camera out and focused he, like all birds seem to do, would taunt me and split!

But no!  He seemed to be as interested in me as I was in him (her?).

Looking in my Sibley I guess it is a Cooper's Hawk.  Pretty bird.


  1. Nice bird picture, which is always hard to get.
    And the guided tour of the oddities sounds like fun. Wish I were there. We do have good intentions of getting up there one of these days!

  2. Awesome! I think that's the same bird you saw on the walk through my neighborhood last summer. You got quite an eye for catching birds.