Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Those SOB's.

In the beginning there was retirement and the time to finally get off ones ass and do something healthy.

And thus, the SOB's were born.

First there were three.  Three of us who discovered we liked to ride the Skunk Train Haul Road quite regularly.  We soon decided to start meeting at the Skunk Train parking lot at 10:00AM for, pretty much, daily rides.

And soon there were more SOBs and the tradition started of ending our daily ride at the Cookie Company (Zappa's) for replenishment of lost calories and caffine!
Sort of a post ride debrief.

Soon we started exploring around Fort Bragg and beyond and doing longer rides on Fridays.

After a visit to Glenn Blair.

Tomki Road from Willits to Ukiah.

Gathered together in a burnt out Redwood Stump up Big River Haul Road.

Bob's Sunset Ride.

Westport and beyond, ride.

Yep!  We are the SOB's.

A great bunch of guys and, so far, one great gal!
We do not discriminate by age or sex.  All you have to do is show up at 10:00 AM on a work day!!


  1. Be careful with all this advertising it could turn into a gang :-)

  2. Hello. I work at MacKerricher State Park. We have monthly volunteer meetings at MacKerricher. I would like to invite someone from the Seniors On Bikes group to attend our next meeting scheduled for Feb. 2, 2017, 5 pm at the MacKerricher visitor center. We discuss what is happenning at the park. Please call me at 961-0471 if you have any questions.

  3. You had a great time with your friends. You look so happy. Chantz Pettit

  4. Thank you for reaching out and inviting members of the Seniors On Bikes group to attend your monthly volunteer meeting at MacKerricher State Park. I will ensure to relay this invitation to the group and encourage their participation.
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