Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shopping Carts

I have been taking photos of shopping carts I have spotted at various places around town. This one is at the trail head of Glass Beach.

Which is just over one and a half miles from it's point of origin.

But the traveling days of Safeway shopping carts have come to an end. The other day I noticed the front right wheels has been replaced with a new type of wheel.

And a wire embedded in the asphalt around the perimeter of the Safeway property. When a shopping cart is pushed beyond the wire....

A little plastic skid is released disabling the wheel. Here's how.


  1. Amazing! I watched the wheel-locking videos but still didn't see HOW it works. I think it's a great idea, though. Less theft and fewer "unsightly" abandoned carts.

  2. What won't they think of next???

  3. OK, so this stops people from exiting w/o paying, right? If they pay and take the cart to their car, what's to prevent someone from taking the cart further on up the road?

  4. The wheel skid gets tripped electronically when passing over the buried perimeter wire. It's sort of like the electric fence some people have to keep their dog in the yard.

  5. Ron, it is amazing where all those orphaned shopping carts end up!
    I like the automatic plastic locking devise attached to the wheel. I wonder how much it adds to the price of the cart?

  6. Hi Ron,

    I love the pics of the belly dancers and the ugly dog contest. Now I know what grandma/Lolli is talking about when we chat.


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