Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Boy. Oh Boy!!

We are a month past winter solstice and the days are getting longer.  Signs of Spring are starting to appear.

Even the cats are coming outdoors.
Other good news....
"Benign Holter Monitor with rare PVCs and PACs and no complex ventricular ectopy noted.  He did have one 6-beat run of SVT at 21:00.  He tends to bradycardic during sleeping hours with a low of 39 bpm at 02:08:10."



  1. Nothing like a hint of spring to lift the spirits, is there Ron? I find it the most important landmark in the year......

  2. Sounds like good news all round Ron.

  3. Good News Ron -- Spring and Heart! We sowed a bunch of wildflower seeds in November -- I'm anxiously anticipating a meadow of wildflowers for our visit out there in late February.

    It's very strange to be talking about spring in January (right now we're at 16°F) -- that's going to take some getting used to when we move out there...

    This is our forecast:
    Thu 27°F | 10°F
    Fri 15°F | 7°F
    Sat 15°F | 10°F
    Sun 24°F | 16°F

  4. Your season is so far ahead of ours.