Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feel the Power

Here's the current weather radar image.  We are in for more storms through Thursday.


Between showers I did a quick walk to The Fort Bragg Bakery and bought a fresh loaf of Whole Wheat and had Chris to pass it through the slicer for me.  Mmmm.

In our back yard I have fresh lettuce ready to be picked and added to my noon time tomato and whole wheat sandwich.
What a great day to stay home and surf the net as long as the power hangs in.

Today's (click here--> APOD was quite interesting.

Bumfuzzle and their new baby is well worth a read.

This blog about their new baby and snowfall is amazing.

And TED!  Learn how all things are "Moleeds".
Pretty funny.

I'm having a fun time, hang in there PG&E. :-)

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