Friday, April 11, 2014

Ronnie's 73rd Birthday Ride.

Observing the SOB mandate, "Ride your Age" instead of, "Act your Age", I decided to see if I could bicycle 73 miles on my birth date April 10th.  The Fort Bragg SOB's "Seniors on Bikes" rose to the concept and fielded riders to accompany me and cheer me on every step of the way!

My plan entailed six laps around our daily, twelve mile SOB "Basic Haul Road Ride.

Twelve miles times six laps, plus some change, should equal 73 miles.

Our average daily ride takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.  It I leave the starting point every two hours I will have a forty-five minute break between rides to rest and recoup.  Perfect!

8:00 AM.  It begins. Note:  It says "Trip"  not RIP!!

Here are photos from each lap and some stuff seen along the way.

Early morning shadow.

Valerie, Sid, Jim and the birthday boy.

Jack, Valerie, Ed-S, Bob, Gary and birthday boy.

Post 10:00 AM ride debrief at the Zappa Coffee Shop.

Valerie, Bruce, Ed-O, Elaine and yours truly.

Valerie and, yep.  Me.

Some horseyback riders out for a stroll.

Afternoon tenuous coastal fog.

Bill, Gary, Crystal, and..., me.

6:00 departure over the Pudding Creek Trestle.

6:00 PM ride turn around. Jacob, Jim, Bob, Sid and Ronnie.

A toast to the birthday boy!

Ending mileage.  73 miles and change!

7:15 PM
Bob bought me a Hot Fudge Sunday and I received many birthday cards and well wishes from the SOBs.
Without their support it would not have been as easy or as much fun.
Thanks guys and gals.

I ended up with a sore butt but slept really good!

Only 27 years until my century ride!!