Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Power outage

I woke to a dark and silent Fort Bragg.  Here's looking south on Franklin Street from the Laurel Street intersection.  A few cars off in the distance.

Looking west on Laurel towards Main Street.

Traffic lights and vehicle lights on Main Street looking south from the Laurel cross street.

Franklin Street store fronts being progressively lit by a passing car during a 10 second exposure..

Noon and even the traffic lights are out.  Very high surf.

I returned to the hospital to have the Holter Monitor removed after wearing it 24 hours.

The Holter Monitor is used for checking heart issues.

No, wait.  Wrong photo.

There, that's more like it!  A newer style monitor on an older style body!!  (I can explain about my little boobies.  They ain't from smoking dope.  I got them from taking estrogen while fighting off prostate cancer several years ago.)
By the way, the power returned at 2:00 PM in my section of Fort Bragg.  More storms are on the way.
I'll find out what the monitor recorded in a few days.


  1. "Moobs" are nothing to be ashamed of. You wear them well.

    My mom lives off the grid year round, so I always tell her she's "sitting pretty" whenever the blackouts come to the coast. She's all set up with propane lights and appliances.

  2. Too funny! I saw that first picture and thought, hmmm ...

    Great pix of the waves. I'm jealous of your lettuce garden!!