Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Franklin Street Neon

I know this neon thing might be getting to be a bit much but I’m almost done. There really isn’t all that much neon in Fort Bragg compared with most cites and strip-malls. This is what I found walking north on Franklin Street at 6:00 in the morning. The above neon is at:
Canclini (appliances)

American Home Store

Coast Cinema

Mendo Litho

Purity Stores

Tip Top Lounge

Tomorrow, the Neon of Noyo

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Neon

I got to thinking I had one of the neon signs wrong so this morning I revisited Main Street. Sure enough the Kirin n Sushi sign hangs in "Taka’s Japanese Grill" window, not “Kirin n Sushi”.

While on Main Street I decided to photograph all the ones I missed starting at the north end….

North Coast Brewing Co.

Another, Triangle Tattoo, sign
Nueva Loncheria Tapatia

Coast Copying & Shipping

Redwood Liquors Ocean Breeze Lodge

Ebb Tide Lodge

Quality Inn & Suites Tradewinds

And at the south end, just before the Noyo Bridge

Harbor Lite Lodge.

Tomorrow I will photograph the neon on Franklin!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Main Street Neon

Jen of Walking Berkeley recently had a blog about Why People Walk.

Among the various reasons mentioned she listed something called a “psychographic walk” where the walker does not generally have a planned route, the walker might follow something that interests them: a sight, a smell, a sound.”

Well kids, what grabbed me this morning was Neon!

My starting point was the Laurel Restaurant Bakery and Espresso (above photo). Then South on Main Street.

Triangle Tattoo and Museum.

Mendocino Cookie Company

Living Light Center

Mendo Bistro

Cowlicks Handmade Ice Cream

Kerin n Sushi

Fort Bragg Cyclery

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cats and Dogs

I hit the road at 6:30 this morning. What a difference half an hour makes. At 7:00 there is a hint of sunrise but at 6:30 forget it. But the up side was, there is hardly any traffic, just the Tuesday garbage collection trucks scurrying around and the news paper deliver guys.
I was figuring on just a walk for the exercise but a couple of items caught my attention. First this anti-cat bumpersticker. I wonder if cats or cat lovers are trying to peel this bumper sticker off.
And then I spotted this anti-dog-poop sign. Or maybe they don’t like three legged dogs. Anyway, for some reason today seems to be an animal theme day. Even Suzanne who writes the CatronCountyWalk blog was on a cat and eagle roll today!

Monday, January 22, 2007

North McPherson Street

I got a question. What were these two “steps” for? They are set into the curb between the street and the sidewalk. I have not seen any other steps like these around town. Just these two and both on the same block (East side of McPherson, half way between Redwood Ave. and Alder St.). Whatever they were for, those building are long gone and have been replace by a couple of houses. Any ideas?

On the same block (at the north end) there are TWO horse and buggy tie down rings. Not one as I had originally thought. Both located in the handicap zone so both are painted blue!
I walked out the popular Ten Mile Haul Road walking trail this morning to the Virgin Creek bridge and back. 4.25 mile round trip from our house. I see they are re-doing or adding some pipes beside the Virgin Creek bridge.

I spotted these folks enjoying the ocean and the spectacular weather we have had lately even though it is in the 30s when I start walking at 7:00 AM.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Mixed Bag

Voila! The map is back! I stopped by the new "Mendocino Coast Photographer Guild and Gallery" in the southeast corner of the Company Store and asked about the possibility of putting it back up and, bingo! There she be! At least for now. The new Guild and Gallery may have the right to use that wall as part of their display area but, for now, the map is back. Stop by the new gallery and check out their excellent photos, then thank them for leaving the map up.
While attending to the Map business I happened upon these ladies in front of Town Hall (southwest corner of West Laurel and Main). I like a town where people are willing to stand up and protest about things they don’t like.
Returning home I saw that Understuff, (between Redwood and Laurel, east side of Franklin), is having a 25% off sale. Looked more like 100% to me but what do I know!
During this morning walk, (out Oak Street almost to Jewett St, north side), I saw my first cluster of blooming Narcissus. Yippee!!Heading south on Dana I discovered a group of trucks and men working. I had seen them various places around town but this was the first time I stopped and asked what they were doing. Turns out they are re-lining the storm drains. When I got home I Googled them.

And finally…..
An old timer told me the reason there are so many Robins around is because the Italian women are no longer offering twenty-five cents apiece for them. According to him they used to make Robin Breast Polenta! Could this be true?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Catching Up

I had a nice walk this morning. Truth be told I have walked every morning since our return from Seattle the 12th of January and I’m feeling pretty dang good about getting back into my routine.
This old map (1915) used to hang inside the Company Store and I liked to check it now and then when trying to figure things out. Suddenly it went missing (last December, maybe November). Today I checked to see if it had returned to its place of honor but no, it was tucked off in a corner leaning against a wall. I’m going to see if I can get it hung back up.
The Stewart House, circa 1876, is located at the beginning of Stewart Street (Stewart and Pine) just north of the Skunk Train Depot yard. Stewart street runs north past Rossi’s Hardware, through the Glass Beach Development, turns west and ends at Glass Beach Drive. I wonder who the Stewarts were.
And I talked to one of the guys working on the Pudding Creek Trestle. He was very frustrated with all the problems and setbacks. The pilings at the north end were removed because they were thought to be 80 percent rotten; according to him, they weren’t. And now they can’t put in new pilings. Inspectors from Sacramento are hard to get. Sunny weather is now and they should be pouring concrete but no. When they finally get the go ahead the rainy season will be upon us. I have no idea how much of this conversation is accurate but I could sure tell the frustration level is high. This bridge, which will be part of the coastal trail, was supposed to be done last July. Now they are estimating next September!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


A friend called and said my blog was mentioned in the “Friends of the Fort Bragg Library Inc. Winter 2006” newsletter. I ran up the street to the temporary library and grabbed a copy. Hmmm. Sure enough, on page five under “Interesting Links” I read:

Walking Fort Bragg is a fascinating blog by local resident Ron Bloomquist. He’s taken to the streets with thoughtful reflections on life in Fort Bragg, past and present. You may have the answers to some of his questions or a comment on his observations… square telephone poles? how many avenues? where can you hitch your horse?

“The pictures are fabulous. The writing succinct and what the heck—it’s in the neighborhood.”

Oh my, this came out when my blog is just barely lurching along. “Fabulous pictures”. “Thoughtful reflections”. E-gad!

Maybe this is just the “Dope Slap” I need to break through my lethargy. After all, spring is coming. The sap will be back! Stay tuned!

FYI The Fort Bragg Library is being temporarily housed in the Veterans Memorial building across the street, Laurel street, while the actual Library is undergoing a complete remodel. The Grand Reopening should be sometime in June of 2007.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

26 Degrees and walking

I'm back in Fort Bragg and I am getting back into my routine of early morning walking. It ain't easy! Yesterday and today the early morning temperatures have been in the twenties and my bed feels real good but no, I'm going to get back to my routine. My weight after the holidaze has ballooned back up to 183. Before the holidaze I was 178 and dropping. I know that is only a five pound difference but it sure zapped the way I feel.

So, back to the streets I go. Each time I go walking I wonder if I will find something worth photographing, something worth pondering and, once again, magic happened:

These birds.

Starlings, actually but the thing worth pondering is do their armpits get cold when flying?

It is so good to be back!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Homeward Bound

All we have to do is get from grandma's house to Interstate 5 and we should have smooth sailing.

I plan to be walking and blogging soon.

I promise.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Standing around

My visit to Seattle has devolved into sloth and bloat. I have walked way too little and eaten way too much. My routine is all screwed up. I’m like this little bird. Why fly when I can stand on one foot, keep warm and watch the world go by.

I guess I could blame the rain but it doesn’t really rain ALL the time in Seattle.

I could blame overeating. Christmas Dinner, Christmas Lunch, New Years dinner, New Years lunch, parties, brunches, lunches, pancakes and eggs but hey, we have a lot of relatives and friends in Seattle.

I could blame lack of will power but that’s rather harsh. No! It must be “Hibernation”. After all, it is the season. Should I go for a walk or curl up in a warm “overstuffed” lounger and read a book? Duh!

Am I a bad person? NO! I’m just doing what comes naturally!!

But the days are getting longer. Vacation is getting shorter. I will re-awaken. Soon I will be striding the streets of Fort Bragg and feeling great! Once again.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Guest Blog

Something quite unusual happened while Ron has been in Seattle and he was not here to see it. Fort Bragg went dark. (See photo.) Suzanne, our son-in-law, Mike, and I decided to walk the downtown streets the night the power went out. Suzanne noticed the odd condition first. It was TOTALLY dark. We have been through several long-term power outages since moving into town 22 years ago but have never seen it completely dark. Georgia-Pacific has always provided a great glow in the sky from the lights of the mill and the power they provided along a route to the hospital. It was both eerie and exciting to be on Franklin and Main Streets in the moonlight.

I also am one of the morning street walkers and the following morning I knew this was an event not to be missed. The above photo shows how dark it was at 5:30 am. The moon had set and I was barely able to get around my usual route. There was no way I was going to mess it up by using a flashlight so I stuck to the middle of the deserted streets. Ron would have loved it!