Friday, January 8, 2010


Last December I noticed something!

Main Street (Highway One) was partially block by something going on!

I discovered two huge tanks were being installed at North Coast Brewing Company.

Here is the second tank sitting on a side street waiting for the first tank to be installed.  Gives you an good idea of the size of these tanks!

Talking to various spectators I was told these tanks had been shipped from Germany!  In this photo you can see a hole in the roof, through the window, where one of the tanks will be lowered.

It took two cranes to lift and tip.  Then a single crane to continue lifting the tank up and over the building.  Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the most exciting part so missed the actual process.

The tanks were lowered through those openings in the roof and today you can just barely see their tops sticking out of the south end of the building.  (left side of photo)