Sunday, January 24, 2010

A good time!

I had a good time being a volunteer at the crab feed.  (This is a posed photo.)
They let me server, not cook!!

A pretty awesome scene in the kitchen!

Many hands made short work of a huge project.

It is a big kitchen in Portuguese Hall where this event took place.

This was the first "seating". Two more followed which were sold out!!
Fortunately Tawny organized a complete set of severs for each seating so we, the first group,  got to have our reward, a "volunteer dinner", after our shift was complete.
Mmm Mmm. Good!
All to benefit the Mendocino Coast Clinic.  Well done one and all!


  1. I don't see any wine glasses on the table.....?

  2. Yum! I must say, though, the best crab I think I've ever had was on Camano Island (certainly the freshest!)

  3. Sherrie, of course there was local wines and beers available! I should have documented the loaded wine table and the servers walking around pouring.

    Sis, I know just the "restaurant" you are thinking about about. :-)