Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who'ed a Thunk it.

I needed some postage stamps.  I was told there was a Post Office near the Richmond Beach Re-hab center so, while my mother-in-law worked out on the machines, I went looking for it.  I ended up asking four different people and walked past it three times!
I finally found it.  (Note the short person waiting at the counter.)  The reason I had so much trouble is because....

it is located inside a bowling alley!!  Yes, not only can you buy stamps and post letters but you can also rent shoes and balls!

This morning I found two more entrants for the ongoing CTC (Crooked Tree Challenge) I have with Mark at Beating the Bounds.

Take that!!


  1. Aaaargh!
    The bar has been raised again. The first tree looks to me to be particularly crooked.
    I shall be on the look out.

  2. The library closest to my house is in a shopping mall. Lots of "double duty" locations up here. Otherwise, it looks like a spiffy USPO.

  3. Crooked is as crooked does. That is really crooked. Glad you found your stamps.

  4. The Number Two tree looks sorta like the trees I noted up in Victoria, with a bunch of limbs heading straight up. I've never lived anyplace where that was standard.