Sunday, February 22, 2009

Evolutionary Process

My first motor bike built by my dad using a twenty-four inch bicycle and a Briggs and Stratton, once cylinder, engine.  The year, 1955.

My 1974 Harley Davidson Super Glide during a trip from Los Angles to Lewiston, Montana across the loneliest highway in Nevada, Highway 50.  The year, 1983.

Finally!  Off my butt and walking!  In this photo, backpacking over McGee Pass.  The year, 2008.

It just gets better and better!

Meanwhile, this morning I walked 5.75 miles and revisited the Interurban Trail and

found the two geocache that flummoxed me earlier in the week. 


  1. What a "dude" you were in 1983. Gawd! It all looks so transparent from 26 years hind sight!

  2. Like that interurban trail sign. Great discovery.

  3. I really enjoyed this blast from the past. Wow, what a contraption your dad built! Very coolio.