Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Icy walk

Cold, clear and slippery this morning.

I walked to Echo Lake where a geocache was hidden.  I found the cache but also discovered these Cormorants roosting in a tree by the lake!

A bunch of them making quiet pre-historic sounds as they woke to a new day.

Looking in my Birds of Northern California I'm not sure what these guys are.  My book lists three types of Cormorants and of the three, Brandt's, Double Crested and Pelagic I would say these are probably Double Crested Cormorants because they are hanging out near fresh water.

Returning home I see the recent snowfall covered the foothills again.

Here's one of the two cache I found.

All in all, a successful walk.


  1. Welcome back to caching. The next thing you know there'll be new roadcow caches to find.

  2. Love those birds in the trees! (I can't help you out with their identity.)