Monday, February 9, 2009

What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours!

Sunday my friends Ed and Suzanne arrived.  They brought Fish and Chips from Ivar's for lunch and then Suzanne stayed with my Mother in Law while Ed and I went for a walk.  Ed is into Geocaching, big time, so of course we went looking for a cache near Midpine School.  In this photo Ed is convinced the cache is off to his right while I can see by his gps it is clearly off to my left.  We never did find it!

But this leaf caught my eye.

And what's this?  Signs of Spring?

 Ed showed me his old neighborhood from during his formative years, for instance this bridge he used to bicycle across on the way to his grandmother's house.  All together we had a nice five and a half mile walk.   Thanks Ed and Suzanne!

And then I wake up this morning!!!

Unbelievable!  Nobody told me it was going to snow!

But it isn't really snow.  It is lumpy and crunchy!
I think up some new catagories;  "Snhail" or "Snice".

What ever it is it tells a story.
Recycle and trash containers recently put out....

Someone left for work after clearing their windows.

Looking back I see I walk like a Duck!

I mean, Slush!


  1. We were supposed to get snow and rain last night, but nothing more than yesterday's rain. I hope we get some of what you have soon.


  2. We got that schnice this morning; I could hear it falling on our sky light; it sounded like tiny pebbles falling. Love the walk with Ed!

  3. We didn't get the snow-slush. But I do love how everything leaves a trail. I call it "snow memory".