Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's Back!!

It's the Geocacher known as "Roadcow"!!

Ed's and Suzanne's visit last Sunday rekindled the spark!  It is all their fault!

Back in the dark ages of 2001 Ed introduced me to a new game called Geocaching.  We entered the zip code for Fort Bragg into the Geocaching.com webpage and discovered there was a geocache hidden somewhere by the Pudding Creek Trestle.  We hopped into their car and set off to find it.  Soon Ed and I were wandering around in the sand looking at our GPS receivers and getting flumoxed when Suzanne said, "Is this it?".

Humble beginnings, friends, humble beginnings but it was a start.  In the ensuing years I sort of lost interest after finding 236 of them but Ed became hooked and has recently found his 3,500th cache!!

Anyway, like I said, Ed and Suzanne rekindled the flame and so this morning I went for a walk in search of one.

And, Bingo!  Here it is!

Well, it wasn't right here :-) but close by!

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  1. I found two geocaches during our Big Walk last year - one of which was a particularly tricky one if the lack of entries in the log book was anything to go by (well, it was secreted under a tree stump in a forest). Only thing was that I wasn't using a GPS and wasn't looking for them!