Monday, February 16, 2009


Remember how we saved the "tie-down" rings on Franklin street when the streets and sidewalks were redone?  Well now the cross streets between Main Street and Franklin Street are being redone and two tie-down rings are in jeopardy!

They are located in the curb on the north side of Redwood Avenue across from the Golden West.

They are smaller than the ones along Franklin but still just as unique in this day and age.

One is missing its ring but I know a blacksmith that can restore the ring just like he restored the ring for the tie-down in front of Racine's. 

The rings are located in front of what used to be a frame shop and a reality office east and across the alley from Coast to Coast.

I am currently in Shoreline, Washington until June so I hope some local Fort Bragger will step up and help save these oddities.   E-mail me at if you are willing to help keep an eye on them.  The contractor Argonaut and City Hall was very accommodating last time.

Let's do it again!


  1. So who was your "informant"? Could you protect the tie-down rings by phone?

  2. I stopped by City Hall on Tuesday and was told the rings will be saved.
    Valerie (28 February)