Thursday, February 19, 2009

Walking for cache

This morning I set off for a geocache located down by the new Richmond Beach Park.

Along the way I noticed this Lion bedding down with a Lamb.  Well, close!

And this gargoyle guarding some one's yard although Wikipedia says it is more likely a chimera.

And how is it this sign says "Welcome to Richmond Beach" and right below "City of Shoreline".  It is my understanding Richmond Beach existed long before City of Shoreline was thought of.

All in all a confusing morning.  I walked over five miles for this geocache which was located between the two points shown, one below at the park and the other high on the bluff.  It was impossible to walk that wee distance between points, I had to "go around".  And still I didn't find it.  But the cherry blossoms in the first photo more than made up for it.  Spring's a coming!!


  1. Hey! I don't have any cherry blossoms. That's pretty cool.

  2. Yes, that's one confusing route.

  3. I cannot believe the cherry trees are in bloom already. Didn't you just have snow on the ground? Gorgeous.