Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out and about

I wonder if their dinners are as good as their chicken?

Miles and miles of Puget Sound shoreline view property is taken by the railroad.  Photographed though the chain link fence on a pedestrian overpass.

Richmond Beach Park statue with resident crow added.

This is the smallest geocache I have found so far.  Sorry about the ugly cigarette butt but I used it for size comparison.

On a different note, I want to show you the airplane one of my son's is building.  I visited him and his family last weekend and Jeff and I went out to his garage to see how it is coming along.  Currently he has most of the cockpit instrumentation installed.  For you private pilots you will note that Jeff has elected to go with mostly "glass" instrumentation with some "steam powered" gauges for back up.

He has been working on it two hours each day before work for several years; one rivet at a time!!  The end result will be....

It is so cool!!

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  1. We've got the same RR tracks. I think they're cool. Of course, ideally the neighboring terrain rises ABOVE it so the view is not hindered. We've got lots of that around here. Makes for a great sound in the wee hours.