Friday, February 13, 2009


I photographed these steps this morning from a different angle and am surprised at the weird light streaks.  I must have moved the camera before the "shutter" closed!

Yesterday while doing the laundry at the Edmonds laundromat I went looking for a nearby Geocache and happened upon another entrant for the CTC, "Crooked Tree Challenge".

And also spotted this goose sleeping on one foot!  Note the nictitating membrane over the eye.

On the way home I happened to spot a tug boat pulling something that looked like a ship.  Note how long the tow rope (cable) is!

Hmmm.  One more step away from Brick and Mortar!


  1. Very cool effect on the stairs. I'd guess that, yes, the tripod was completely still for almost all of the exposure (which makes the stairs sharp through the extended exposure) but then it moved either on the front or back end and the street lights were bright enough to register that movement in that much shorter period of exposure while it was too short to make a difference to the image of the stairs. I'll have to remember that; great technique. It's same principle, I guess, as the "painting with light" pics that some do with a a long exposure and a flashlight moved around a fixed/still object/person.

  2. That is so totally cool. The lights are "spotted" (moving) but the handrails are clear and still. ??? Happenstance is great.