Monday, February 2, 2009

Richmond Beach Redux

I revisited Richmond Beach this morning sans Ed.

This time I went all the way down to the beach to take this photo looking south.  I used the tripod and the manual setting on the camera; a fifteen second exposure which smoothed out the waves.  Of course fiddling around with all the camera issues caused me to become cold while adjusting this, adjusting that.  I'm not sure about this upgraded photography stuff.  I think I did better just pointing and shooting!

But the 199 steps I took to get down to the beach were waiting to warm me when I retraced my route and they did a nice job of it too!

Here is "The Little Store" whose sign Ed hates because for years it was just the Richmond Beach Store.  Yesterday's photo was with both of us in the picture but, well, that was yesterday. 

Here is the Shoreline Fire Safety Center located just up the street from the former Richmond Beach Store.  There must be a boundary between Shoreline and Richmond but I didn't see it.  Ed told me Richmond Beach is an old community where-as Shoreline is recent.

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  1. LOVE your map with the little "sign posts". How cool that you can walk to the beach (and that Ed has family so close by).