Thursday, February 5, 2009

Odds and ends

Ya can't have enough warning signs.  Just to the left of the oncoming car is evidence of where a car went off the curve and took out a fire hydrant!!  The hydrant has been replaced but the tracks are still there!

I'm feeding the birds in the area.  We have several Chickadees hanging around as well as Dark eyed Juncos, house sparrows and crows.  House Finches have built a nest on the sunshade of the living room window the past two years and have raised double clutches of babies.  We are hoping they will show up and try again this year.

Last evening's sunset just wouldn't quit.  I must have taken ten photos as it got better and better.  Alarming in a way though.  What is causing all that pollution?

I spotted this interesting play on words during this morning's walk.

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  1. Hair salons seem to have great potential for word play. This is one of the more clever ones I've seen. My favourite is still Curl Up And Dye.