Friday, October 6, 2006

Walking Fort Bragg, California

I started walking the streets of Fort Bragg, California about six months ago but just recently discovered blogs of other people walking the streets of their city or town or in one case, county! And, as reading blogs go, one thing leads to another....

First I "ran" across Walking Berkeley that lead to RunBrooklynRun and that lead me to GMap Pedometer. Then I discovered WalkingAbout.

In WalkingAbout I got some ideas about improving stride and arm motion and gave it a try this morning. It felt good and I walked 5.2 miles in an hour and a half!

Like I said, I started walking six months ago. I am 65 years old and my weight was getting up around 186. I don't mind being old but I don't like being heavy. Getting off my butt and out the door was my desire but I just never seemed to get around to it. One day I mentioned my desire to my friend Suzanne and she said her husband gets up and goes walking first thing in the morning. "Before breakfast or anything. Just gets up and goes!"

The next morning I gave it a try. And by golly, this concept fits me to a tee!

When I started walking it was sunny in the morning at 6:00 AM. My wife and I had recently moved to Fort Bragg and I realized walking would be a great way to get to know this town so I basically just meandered the streets of Fort Bragg with my camera in hand and took photos of the different architecture, cats and dogs.

That kept my interest for quite a while but gradually the seasons move on and each morning at 6:00 AM was a bit darker. Now, it is totally dark during my morning walk. But I like it.

The reason I like leaving at 6:00 AM is because there is very little traffic whereas by 7:00 AM the folks leaving for work are zooming through town and I end up waiting at cross streets now and then. At 6:00 AM there is only the guy delivering the morning paper and the garbage trucks!

Two days ago was the first time it was raining when I got up but it was a light rain and I went for it. The rain stopped by the time I got back home around 7:00 AM. It is rather unusual to have rain this early in this part of the country but it got me to thinking about what I will wear when the rainy season really does arrive.

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