Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hitting the road

I’m leaving for the desert this morning. I will be gone approximately two weeks. I plan to spend the night of October 21 in the former town of Ballarat which is located in the Panamint Valley just west of Death Valley. Some of us desert rats are gathering for the Orionid Meteor Shower.

The following week I want to try walking up to Panamint City located high in the Panamint mountains. It is only a six mile walk from the trailhead but I expect it will take me about seven hours because of the 3,600 foot elevation gain! Therefore I plan on taking my old Kelty backpack and staying overnight.

If I have enough steam left I am also thinking about walking the streets of Shoshone, Boron and maybe Trona! All are sprinkled around Death Valley.

The 27th through the 29th there is a gathering of the friends of at the Panamint Springs Resort. After that I will start heading for home.

There is Wi-Fi at PSR so maybe I will be able to update this blog a time or two while out in the vast wilderness.

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