Friday, October 20, 2006


It took ten hours of driving to get to this area just east of the town of Mojave. I set up my camp, cleaned up the mess from previous campers; beer cans and shot gun shells. But they did leave a nice small pile of firewood which I enjoyed when it got dark. I heard an owl and saw a bat.

This morning I did a short walk through the sagebrush enjoying the early morning bird song. I heard, but not see, quail. There were other small birds, gray with long curved beaks, (I’ll look then up later), flitting around in the Joshua trees.

But I still had it in my mind walking Boron and Trona.

When I arrived in Boron I changed my mind. Pretty rough neighborhoods and lots of dogs.

When I arrived in Trona I changed my mind again thinking I rather walk amongst the beauty of the desert.

This evening I will do just that.


  1. Diane (aka "Seastar")December 11, 2006 at 7:35 AM

    I went to look up the bird you were describing and found this:
    (a brown honey-eater). I thought it was odd I had never heard of one and then realized that the bird finder I was using was for Australia. So, that guy that said the town you'd be going through (Ballarat?) was in Australia may have been right! :-)

  2. Yes, Ballerat, California was named after Ballerat, Australia.

    Thanks for the comment SisTer!