Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another square pole

The first square pole I discovered during an earlier walk is located at the south/west corner of Laurel and Harrison. It is quite old and possibly one of the original poles! I think it is made of redwood and was probably milled right here in Fort Bragg. I mentioned my discovery of a square telephone pole to my friend Eddie and he said there is another one on Harold. So that was my plan this morning, find that pole.

I made my way to the north end of Harold and started south. Some of the telephone and power poles were far enough away from street lights that I had to walk over and feel them to "see" if they were round or square. All were round until, Bingo, the pole on the west side of Harold, just south of Laurel, was SQUARE!

I returned at 10:00 AM with my camera to document it.

That makes it Two Square Poles and Five Tie-Down Rings, so far!

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