Monday, October 16, 2006

My alarm clock

Here is a photo of my alarm clock. It is the timer for our garden watering system. A while back I noticed I could hear the water pipes “sing” for a moment when the timer turned on. Like when someone flushes the toilet or loo.

I decided to set it to turn on at 5:45 AM so I would be up and out the door by 6:00. It is quiet enough Lolli doesn't notice but it works for me!

This morning I did what has become my basic walk. North to Winifred, east to Howard, south to Maple and back home on Franklin. 3.3 miles in one hour. I really enjoy the zen of walking in the dark with negligible traffic but there isn’t much to see or photograph. Daylight savings going off at the end of this month might brighten things up for a while. During my walk I stopped in at Safeway to pick up a can of refried beans for our evening tacos.

Speaking of Safeway, I am currently reading “Fort Bragg Remembered. A Centennial Oral History” published in 1989. I’m learning more about what I see during my walks. One old timer in the book said; “Little by little this road (Franklin, south of Madrone) came through. It was closed before because it was a swamp. Where Safeway is now, this was all swamp. There was no street open. They cleaned the swamp up and they fill it up, a lot of dirt, so it is all nice and clear.”

She doesn’t mention when this occurred but I have just started reading this book, loaned to me by Valerie.

Another part of my basic morning routine is checking the APOD. Today's photo is stunning.

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