Saturday, October 7, 2006


I am using an inexpensive Garmin GPS to keep track of my walk. As you can see the GPS records my walks by leaving a trail of "cookie crumbs". It also has what is called a "Trip Computer" that has a "Trip Odometer", plus it records my average and overall miles per hour and it records stopped, moving and total time during my walk. The photo of the GPS shows accumulated walks from several weeks.

Pretty cool!

I was wondering where I should carry it so it would have a good view of the satellites. I didn't want to carry it in my hand all the time. I was thinking of sewing on a pocket high up on my sleeve but then I realized I usually wear a hooded sweatshirt but don't use the hood. Bingo! I carry the GPS in the "pouch" the hood makes behind my head. Perfect!

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  1. I think the question of where to put the GPS is a good one. A big wet thing, like a human body, will block the receiver's view of its birds. When I am in the backcountry I have found that one of those little pouches that are often used for little radio tranceivers works well for my GPS. It is meant to clip on to the shoulder strap of my backpack. You can see it in this image of the GPS on my left shoulder.