Friday, October 6, 2006

Taking photos

Last summer, during my morning walks, I accumulated a bunch of photos of cats, dogs, architecture, bumper stickers. Oddities. Now that it is dark during my walk I will post some of the photos from those walks.

This photo is of an older house and its river rock wall but the most interesting thing is the tie-down ring in the curb; left from the horse and buggy days!

So far, in my walks, I have discovered five of these rings. I'm surprised they have not been ground off flush because now a day they might be considered a tripping hazard. Myself, I'm glad they still exist.

Here is an electric car I discovered May 12Th during a beautiful morning sunrise. Since then it has not moved. The ultimate economy car!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ron,
    Just got a call from Tim on the construction crew about the horse and buggy rings. Would you remind me - how many are in the latest construction zone and do any need replacement parts? If so, who do I get to make them?
    It's good that you're there to help granny, but we miss you!