Saturday, October 14, 2006


Last evening Lolli and I were talking about my decision to take up walking and blogging. She said “You are an amateur”. I thought that was rather derogatory compared to what I held in my mind but then she said, “Look it up, I’m talking about the first definition.”

I pulled out The Random House College Dictionary.

“Amateur 1. a person who engages in an activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit.”

Well hey! Thanks Lolli! That be me!

Case in point.

Even though it is Saturday and I usually don’t walk on weekends I decided to walk a little sub-division that had grabbed my attention on the map. Most of the blocks in Fort Bragg are rather standard, whatever that means, but this area consists of “standard” length blocks north and south but half width blocks east and west.

I walked to the corner of Harold and Oak and then set about circumnavigating the whole section of interest and then did the back and forth on the north/south streets. All told it was just under three miles. I feel better and noticed no financial benefit! Perfect!


  1. What would a "progessional" walker be?

  2. Welcome to the blogging walkers, Ron. Have added you to my links.

    Love those horse-and-buggy rings.