Monday, November 2, 2009

Travelogue: Part Eleven, Telescope Peak!

Oh Boy, another adventure!!

It is 182 miles from Tom's Place, at the foot of McGee Pass, to Mahogany Flat high in the Panamint Range between Panamint Valley and Death Valley.

It isn't long until I am driving through totally different scenery!

Heading up the dirt road towards Mahogany Flat where I will camp for the night.

After a quiet night in the "dry camp" I have my backpack ready for an overnight stay on Telescope Peak. I don't need the bear canister but the loss of that weight is offset by the Platypus 2.4 liter water bag and three water bottles I am taking with me. There will be no water available on the this hike!
High noon and I am ready. Let's see, Mahogany Flat, elevation 8,133. Telescope Peak, elevation 11,049.
2,916 feet of up in seven miles!

A different environment compared to the High Sierra!

Telescope Peak comes into view.

To the west I see the little dark hill at the north end of Panamint Valley where we enjoyed "Spring Break" years ago.

The few Bristle Cone survivors are amazing. This whole area was logged to make charcoal for various silver mining operations years ago.

By golly, it looks like I am going to make it!

To the east the shadow of the Panamint Range has reached beyond Badwater, the white looking playa which is 282 feet below sea level! By the way, I heard on the radio that it would be 110 degrees in Death Valley today!

5.55 PM. I made it! This 68 year old fart actually made it!

I know, I know, older people do a lot more than what I just accomplished but right now, I don't care! I did it and as you can tell, I am extremly pleased with myself!! You can also tell it isn't 110 degrees up here!

Tomorrow, what goes up, must come down!


  1. Ron,
    You are one very lucky man. Your fitness and the scenery make me deeply envious.
    Fenlander (UK)

  2. Loved the rear view mirror picture and cracked up over the last picture. Good for you!!!

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and coverage of various trips for the past several years.

    So THANKS!

    However, I do wonder about you doing such adventurous journeys ALONE. I know you take along a cellphone and a GPS, but what happens to you if you slip, fall, hurt yourself and then your batteries just die out?

    I would go with at least one other person, but I know you must love the solitude.

    Happy Trails!
    Richard Links
    Berkeley, CA

  4. WOW! All I can say about your adventures, whether for a 68-year old OF or a 28-year old, is WOW!