Tuesday, November 10, 2009


There is this guy in town who walks the same route every morning. Two miles round trip. Everyday. I walk all over the place and seldom do the same route twice. But every now and then I happen to be walking along and spot him so I will turn around and walk his route with him.

He is a guy who never looks around, he just watches where he walks and he keeps finding pocket change!! I always "walk and gawk" looking for things to photograph. I never find a dime!

In the year and a half I have known him I have talked him into deviating from his route only once; I talked him into walking out Oak Street with me to see the old KDAC AM radio station. He was surprised and impressed; he has lived in Fort Bragg thirty years and had never seen it.

Last week I happened to end up walking with him and I mentioned I was going to fly my radio controlled Piper Cub at the Fort Bragg Fog Buster's flying field this weekend. He said, "Give me a call, I'd like to come out and watch".

I called him Saturday and left a message; "Be at my place at 8:30 AM".

I waited Sunday morning until 8:30 and then left for the flying field. He was a no show.

Today I asked him why he didn't show up? He said he has to have his breakfast and read the paper. He can't change his routine.

I too like routine and I'm afraid, more so the older I get.

Maybe I should get a tattoo. Never had one.


  1. Boy, is he stuck in a rut or what? It is amazing how little there is of good, honest inquisitiveness in some people. Isn't it documented that the more new things one learns the healthier the brain stays? Otherwise the neurons stay stuck in their rut!

  2. Tattoo sounds like just the change one needs at your stage of life. However, I'm impressed at all the various things you do already. Do keep it up for years and years.

  3. Oh, I am not sure about that, QP. As I get older I feel safe in the knowledge that every year I go off for a two week amble across the mountains of Scotland. The same two weekes every year.
    Meeting (generally) the same people on the walk.
    Starting on the west coast.
    Finishing on the east.

    It's all relative, and this guy is happy. He got to meet Ron - which is surely a momentous event!

  4. Or not. :-)

    Maybe I'm just trying to ward off this thing called aging. Never gave it a thought when I was forty, or even fifty!

    By the way, Granny J, a small, dusty, coyote foot print tattoo on my right shoulder would cost $100.00 To me that's a lot of trail mix!!