Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Travelogue: Part Twelve, Back Down

I spend the night in the lee of a Bristle Cone Pine just a hundred yards from the top. There is a level spot on the peak but I'm old enough that I have to get up in the wee hours to wee and I could just see me taking a step in the wrong direction. NO! I like this tree!

Torching off ol' Bubble Butt for my morning tea and oatmeal.

And then I take the time to make a chalk drawing of my Death Valley view. The smoke from the large forest fires near Yosemite and Los Angeles make everything hazy.

Heading down.

I'm uneasy with narrow, loose rock on steep slopes. I tend to lean towards the uphill side which is exactly the wrong thing to do but, I make it!

Home Sweet Home!

The following morning I leave early. I have in mind rewarding myself with Eggs Benedict at Pamanint Springs Resort.

Down past the charcoal kilns.

Down past the Skidoo Pipeline. (Click to read.)

And finally..., cell coverage! Time to call my Lolli!


Tomorrow, Reentry.


  1. I felt like I was here with you. Thanks so much for sharing your story with great pictures. I love the ones that include you in them the most.

  2. This is a caption reader's delight! Every picture tells a story. Liked that shot of the narrow trail ... and the headlights in the pre-dawn. Just terrific.

  3. I'm enjoying reading/looking - I especially like the scenes of the kayak in the desert!