Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Hump Day" observations.

This house was recently repainted and I have often thought about taking it's picture. This morning, with the porch light on, it was time!

Two trees, right? Nope. Only one!! You can see the connecting branch between the "tree tops" in the middle. Could be an "Oddity"!

Right up these stairs my tattoo awaits!!

Hey! A pretty good trick! Right up there with tossing tennis shoes over phone lines but requires climbing strength!


  1. I would never have noticed these things. Thank you for pointing them out, and I hope that the cone is still there when I am on Laurel St.

  2. The paint job, the stairs, the tree, the cone-on-light post ...

    ... only one word

    AWESOME!!! The groove's on.

  3. It's hard to pick my favorite of today's finds; they are all great!

  4. That tree is trippy! Only in cool Fort Bragg.

    Hope the possums learn how to duck and move faster.

  5. We were in Fort Bragg last week and saw that lovel cottage with the awful paint job -- what a terrible thing to do to that nice little cottage....