Thursday, November 5, 2009


A lot has happened during the two months I have been out and about. For instance, the railroad crossing at Fir Street is finally being completely redone. It was "pot hole city" for a long time.

Town Hall is getting a much needed face lift.

The raunchy public toilet at Bainbridge Park is getting replaced.

With this, a new facility that will service both Bainbridge Park and the Wiggly Giggly children's playground/tennis court with separate facilities and entrances.

New reader boards have been installed at Franklin and Laurel and also at Franklin and Alder.

Wooden benches have been made and installed at various locations around the downtown redevelopment area.

All in all, very nice but couldn't someone have loaned the installer a level?!


  1. Oh yeah! It's good to be home. Gotta admit, it's a lot dryer!

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