Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day walk.

"Red in the morning. Sailor's warning."
I decided to walk, for the first time, to Ten Mile River where the old "Union Lumber Haul Road" turns inland. With the spectacular weather we have been experiencing I figured I would camp overnight at the north end and walk back during "Black Friday". Perfect!
And then, via my "earbuds", I heard the local forecast; "Rain by evening, one hundred percent chance of rain Friday." Bummer!

I spotted a few early morning walkers out and about.

Just short of MacKerricher Beach I had my morning tea and oatmeal, "Bubble Butt" performing the honors.

MacKerricher visitors taking in the view.

The fog rolled in and out throughout the day.

The only sign I noticed marking this section as part of the California Coastal Trail.

Beach Art.

Seldom seen Sandhill Lake.

A long section of the Haul Road has washed away over the years.

Here and there are middens left by the Pomo from their annual shell fish harvest.

Fence remains from attempts to ranch this vast dune area.

Sections of the Hall Road covered by dunes.

Ten Mile River. My goal.

I decided to return home rather than camp overnight. Impending rain and the thought of putting my wet and sandy tent back into my backpack finally did it, that and the thought of thirteen hours of darkness this time of year!

Late afternoon sunlight.

Yippee! The Pudding Creek Trestle. Almost home.

It turned out to be eighteen miles round trip, not twenty and I found out why. Ten Mile River is ten miles north of the Noyo River, not Fort Bragg!!
Learn somethin' every day!


  1. Great post, Ron. Have you checked out the fen? It's a very deep freshwater pond/lake. (Maybe what you call "Sandhill Lake"?) There's a very pretty creek into (out of?) it.

    You've proved that at least one person did not overeat yesterday. Lucky you!


  2. Nice healthy Thanksgiving. I especially liked the bubble butt picture.

  3. What a lovely walk. River to river, 10 miles, I didn't know that.