Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny Business

This was one of those mornings when "bed gravity" was especially strong. My 5:55AM alarm beeps. With dim awakeness I look out the window and see stars, cold and clear. My bed is so nice and warm. The sun won't be up for another hour. My mental argument begins, "This, morning exercise thing, sucks". Yeah, right! I get up, get dressed and head into the dark with nothing in mind except, "Just do it".

Soon things of interest appear. Photo opportunities not normally seen.

Other early morning walkers out and about!!

I spot interesting shapes and juxtapositions.
Sunlight touches the new restroom facility at Bainbridge Park.

New plaques around town like the ones I spotted in Seattle.

I feel good.... a well worth it walk (as always) once I got myself loose from that darn Bed Gravity!!


  1. Photo opportunities not normally seen.

    I envy you those opps. But not enough to hoick my own carcass out of bed in the dark :)

  2. Bed gravity, eh? It's an awfully strong force, esp. at my age!