Thursday, November 12, 2009

Odds and Ends

If I did it, here's the place!

Bumfuzzle, one of the online stories I read that I can't wait to hear more of.

My son's photo album/slideshow of the airplane he is building. You will see me helping in a few of the photos.

I'm currently at a crossroads with this blog and have sort of lost direction. A low if you will. Maybe it is the oncoming winter time blahs. Maybe it's a post high Sierra.
What-ever, stay tuned and watch me fumble around.


  1. What did you do? Did you really get a tatoo? If so, what? where? Inquiring minds want to know.

    OH, and please don't stop blogging. It doesn't matter about what. You're a great writer and photographer, so I know it'll be worth following, no matter what the focus.

  2. me, too -- ditto, I mean. I live in Northern Ohio, and my parents live in Yuba City. We visit them once a year, and last year they took us to Fort Bragg. It's SO beautiful - your pictures remind me of that. AND your blog encourages me to keep walking every day. Please don't stop blogging.

  3. Please carry on Ron not only do I agree with the others, but you are the only blogger who lets us know what is happening here in FB.

  4. What can I say? Like father. Like son.


  5. I got my first tattoo at triangle. I grew up in Mendocino...and if FB wasn't 2500 miles away, I'd get all my tattoos there.
    Keep blogging, please oh please - you've been a connection to home for me, even though I'm a stranger.