Friday, October 30, 2009

Travelogue: Part Ten, Hiking out.

Day six and the weather looks iffy.

Rain showers and snow flakes! I'm thinking I'm getting out of here just in time.

By the time I get down to the Fish Creek trail the clouds clear out and sunshine and confidence return.

I have been very pleased with my Pacer Poles and Miniposa backpack.

Looking back down the switchbacks on the west side of McGee Pass.

Here's the switchbacks on my GPS!

Goodbye to another wonderful visit to the High Sierra.

And now, the switchbacks down to Big McGee Lake.

Camp set up near Big McGee Lake.

Morning of Day Seven! It was a cold night!!

25 degrees F. Frost on the tent.

Soon I am down into warmer climes.

Afternoon of day seven having a cup of tea and looking at my map.

This is when my friend Eddie would say, "What's next?"

I have decided to climb Telescope Peak in Death Valley National Park!


  1. Did you mean *Mini*posa instead of *Mari*posa? -4 C/25 F? Brrr...

  2. You're right Ivaylo, it should have been Mini.

    I have corrected it.


  3. I do believe the "switchbacks down to McGee Lake" and the "Warmer Climbs" pictures are worthy to be framed and hung in an art gallery! Wow!

  4. An excellent series of posts, Ron, with amazing photos and sketches. 'Twas really good vicariously to enjoy a trip so alien to my own local landscape.